Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Regional vs. Local

Interesting ESPN article on the Bundesliga, and how teams who do well and are rewarded with European footie the next season then flop domestically:
One explanation for this is the lack of money in the Bundesliga. Apart from Bayern, no club can afford a squad that is deep enough to allow for the physical and mental rigours of playing both in Europe and domestically.

This means clubs that have been rewarded for a good league season with a place in Europe are likely to be punished the following season by the double-duty curse. Take Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, whose Bundesliga form suffered for many months, or Hamburg, struggling since the winter break. Those three clubs have been overtaken by Leverkusen, Schalke and even Dortmund, all of whom didn't have to cope with midweek distractions under European floodlights this season.
MLS has a similarity -- albeit on a much lower financial scale -- with the Bundesliga here.

Could that be the case this year for DCU, which this season won't have to worry about the CONCACAF Champions League, and once Onalfo and crew manage to right the ship (yes, several gallons of Kool-Aid have been consumed) they'll be able to concentrate on their winning ways of old?

These are the kinds of delusional thoughts that pop into a fan's head after seeing the first three games of the season end in defeat.

Another delusion: during MLS' inaugural year, DCU lost the first four games and still managed to win both the MLS and Open cups. So maybe I should cheer for a loss in this upcoming weekend's game against the Chicago Fire, thereby conjuring up some spirits of old that will help the team get over this funk and start winning again?

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