Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, A U.S. Rivalry

Now THAT was trip. Aside from being put in the nosebleed section of Lincoln Financial Field with a thousand of your closest friends (a very small few being of the stupid, beer-throwing-onto-the-Union-fans-below variety), just the march into the stadium was worth the price of the bus and game ticket (not to mention the side trip to Atlantic City on the way up)!

We were so far up, though, that it wasn't until I came home and watched the highlights that I was assured we'd actually been heard. Even the crowd noise from the Union fans in our perch was somewhat muted. Somehow I think it'll be a TOTALLY different environment when the SoBs come to RFK on Aug. 22. At least then, hopefully the only things their beer and spit will fall on will be the VWs parked in the "garage" endline section.

The DCU players? Well, the first half I'd have covered the eyes of any kids standing around me, DCU was so bad. They couldn't seem to string more than three passes together in the final third. It was almost if they were thinking, "Oh, I'm the second one to get the ball -- MUST PASS IT TO A UNION PLAYER NOW NOW NOW." Le Toux deserved the hat trick, given how badly he was defended on the first two goals.

I mean, Jeepers Creepers...

Second half was definitely better, both Tino's goal as well as Jaime Moreno's absolute UNDRESSING of Union GK Seitz, but yeah, Troy Perkins, you were right to have taken responsibility for the loss. That third goal man, Jeezus, even we up in the stratosphere could see you had a gaping hole on your right side.

It'll be interesting to see how the atmosphere changes once the Union moves into their little sandbox of a stadium. And oh, by the way, Philly Union ownership, way to go to predict the size of the soccer market in Philly. Yes, yes, Opening Day and all that, but not even counting the thousand or so DCU fans, y'all had well more than 33,000 people show up. That's what, FIFTEEN THOUSAND or so potential ticket owners and concession buyers that you won't be able to satisfy at itty-bitty PPL Park? Seriously, good business decision to decide on an 18,500-seat stadium!

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