Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Lax Post

I know, I know, what's a lacrosse post doing on a baseball/hockey/soccer blog, but I just had to get this off my chest (besides, the original name for this blog woulda been BaseLaxSoc if I hadn't been seduced by the Caps' 2007-2008 playoff run):

The Washington Bayhawks had their first home game this past weekend at GMU's stadium, with an attendance of more than 4,000. Their post-game press release states:

"The Bayhawks had an amazing turn out for their home opener at George Mason stadium and would like to give thanks to all their fans and sponsors for their support in attendance."

Ummm, well, DUHH. The Hawks had a similar attendance figure last year at their home opener at GMU, a number that they NEVER came close to matching in their subsequent games at Georgetown's Multi-Sport Field. 

The BEST decision this fledgling DC franchise could have made was to have ALL its games at GMU this season. Yes, it probably costs the team more to have games there, but one wonders where this team would be attendance-wise this year if it had played ALL its home games at GMU last year. Hopefully that won't have stunted the growth of the team's potential fan base.

Here's hoping the numbers only go up for the rest of the season, culminating in enough gate income to foster a deal with RFK next season. DCU fans might not like their field chewed up by lax games, but RFK is the logical next step for the Hawks, at least until (fingers crossed) the Poplar Point stadium opens.