Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MLS 2009 Supporters Shield Watch Week 3

Couldn't find it (this strange concept called a SINGLE TABLE) anywhere on the Internets (including MLS' own Web site), so figured I'd do it myself. Will try to do it upon the conclusion of every week of the season, and MOST CERTAINLY will frak it up from time to time (or even more often), so feel free to post any corrections in the comments section. Will continue it until either A) the end of the season, or B) the web folks at MLS finally get around to doing it themselves.

Seattle 9
Chivas USA 6
Colorado 6
New England 7
D.C. United 5
Chicago 4
Toronto FC 4
Real Salt Lake 3
San Jose 3
Columbus 2
Houston 1
New York 1
Los Angeles 1
Kansas City 0
FC Dallas 0

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