Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Miss Saint Ribbie

Whatever happened to Saint Ribbie? The Nats appear to have pissed him off lately, to the point where they can't seem to bat in a run if their lives depended on it. Is it that St. Ribbie only likes it when Wily Mo Pena is in the lineup? 

Todays game against the Braves is case in point: 

Braves: 10 runs, 13 hits with six left on base. 

Nats: Two runs, seven hits with 10 left on base.

Guzman was incredible, going 3-for-5, singles each time. Out of those three, though, he was left stranded every time.

Wily Mo's on rehab assignment tonight in Columbus. Let us pray that St. Ribbie keeps Wily Mo safe and productive until he's able to get back to the big league.

UPDATE: Looks like our (or at least my) prayers were answered:

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