Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gag Me With a Spoon

. . . or some other implement, after that horrific display DCU just showed in their 4-0 loss at Real Salt Lake. 

That fourth goal, Peralta had an "Oh Shit" look right before Findley -- who scored the two goals against DCU last year -- found net. 

What is it about this team, that fields its backup goalkeeper in BOTH 2007 AND 2008 in Salt Lake only to lose?!? 


Lisa said...

Allow me to say how glad I am you're blogging. Excellent! Woohoo! :)
Hoping a future blog about your Global Nomad life will be born someday, too!

Andrew said...

Moonbutt's quaking in his boots... there's a new sports talking head in DC!

Yeah, the Global Nomad blog would be more of a draw pour moi... :)