Saturday, May 30, 2009

Double Whammy

On a night when BOTH the Nats and DCU lose, all one can say is thank gawd the Caps aren't playing anymore. Wouldn't want a friggin' TRIFECTA now, would we (even if the Caps are a much better team nowadays)?

On the Nats-Phils: Anderson Hernandez had a perfect third-out-waiting-to-happen with the bases loaded if he could have just FIELDED that Ryan Howard (when he wasn't hitting monster home-run shots) grounder cleanly. But he didn't, and the Phils wind up scoring two more runs. And thank Goodness Adam Dunn is one heck of a slugger; otherwise I dunno what I'd do after seeing him commit two errors in left field.

On DCU-Revs: Those three off-the-crossbar shots United had in the first half, if they had gone in, would have made Twellman's Oscar-worthy "I've fallen and deserve a PK" act a lot less painful to watch. At least we get the Red Bulls this coming Thursday, which if DCU can beat them, I may be tempted to sing "Na na naa na, Na na naa na, Osorio, Good Bye" on my way out of RFK.

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